About Us

Foundation of Irish Premature Babies

The charity was set up as a non profit organisation in December 2009 the founder saw the need to develop an organisation for families of premature babies was something that just needed to be done.The charity since 2011 has been run by a voluntary board of directors with th  help of dedicated volunteers.

What the Charity does

As a charity, we have a number of long term goals and objectives that we hope to achieve over the coming years, but what do we do now for parents is below.
Below is a quick guide 

Our Updates

This update section is to inform you of what we are doing and to show you some of our intentions in the coming weeks and months. We will be updating this section every month or so, so if you want to know what we are doing , read this section.


Irish Premature Babies is a primarily  voluntary run charity.  We receive funding from the HSE to purchase breast pumps but this is not yearly. We rely entirely upon the volunteers within the charity to fund raise, we rely upon the support and generosity of the general public to help us. 

Video Gallery

We are on Youtube, if you would like to look at some of other video's- our user name is irishprembabies. There are more video's in the parent's stories section on the website.


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