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Practical Information

When you have a baby, it can be a costly experience for so many of us. When you have a preterm baby, you have all the usual costs but you also have extra expenses associated with daily visits to see your baby

Rights & Entitlements

When your baby is in the hospital, ask one of the NICU staff if your hospital has a medical social worker and if they do, you could consider arranging an appointment to discuss your rights & entitlements.

Where to buy prem clothes

We have contacted all the main suppliers for premature baby clothing in Ireland and in the UK. To date three suppliers have kindly agreed to give parents in Ireland a discount on premature baby clothing.

Useful websites

You will find some useful websites in this section.

Books & Apps about prem issues

Most of the NICU’s should have a booklet that contains revelant information for parents, ask one of the staff if there are any booklets so you can familiarise yourself with all aspects of the NICU and with issues relating to premature babies.

Claiming your refunds

You may or may not be eligible to clain for any of the following but they are worth mentioning.

Discounts for parents

We know that many parents are under financial stress when they have a premature baby.

Weight conversion chart

Weight conversion chart

Feeding Issues

Feeding as all of us know is a major milestone in your premature babies development. We are focusing a section of the site on feeding because it's an area that there can be problematic for parents and our babies.

Medical Issues

This section of the website is devoted to medical issues and concerns that parents may have in relation to their premature baby. Anything contained in this section has been written by a member of the medical profession. We plan to get a number of articles briefly outlining some of the issues that effect preterm babies and parents.

Kangaroo Care

Our charity is a huge supporter of Kangaroo Care. It's benefits have been proven for both parents and babies to practise as much skin to skin as possible. Thankfully many of our NICU's/SCBU's are very actively encouraging Kangaroo Care.

Growth Chart

Infant growth chart for premature babies.


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