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Specific online support for parents of premature babies. Rollercoaster is an Irish parenting site and it has a very active premature baby forum. You will find the premature baby section under “Discussions”. Magicmum is a parenting site and it has an active premature baby forum. You will find the premature baby section in the parenting section. Eumom is a parenting site with sites in several countries. is exclusively for Irish parents. Eumom has a premature baby section in their forum. Bliss is UK charity devoted to premature babies. It has loads of very relevant information and a very active forum. Irish Multiple Birth association, provide support & information to parents of multiple births in Ireland, some of whom are preterm.

Premature baby related websites. Tommy’s is a charity that researches into causes of prematurity. Website that provides some relevant information about premature babies. The March of Dimes is a non profit organization for pregnancy and baby health. One of their focuses is on premature babies. Australian premature baby website, provides lots of useful information.

General support for parents in Ireland. Parentline provides support over the phone, they provide “Face to Face” meetings with parents if desired & also run a post natal depression helpline.
Telephone 1890 927 277 Email : CIH is a charity that helps to promote and ensure the welfare of children in hospital and their parents
Telephone 1890 25 26 82 Email :

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